Gmina Jordanów
Gmina Jordanów

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To all tourists, which decided to rest at our Commune we would like to present our sports – recreational base, which you may use as well in summer as in winter time.

On the Commune’s terrain are also sports fields, which may be used by tourists, and they are located in every village by the schools and also in Naprawa and Osielec villages, which are a sports base of local athletic clubs.

The Letownia, Naprawa, Osielec and Toporzysko villages possess gymnasiums, which, after the classes, are using to practicing basketball, volleyball and also tennis.

In Letownia village a body building gym have been opened, and it is accessible in specific days in week for willing to exercise. It is a well-equipped object, visiting not only by the youth.

For those who want to take advantage of nature charms we recommend a horse riding in Toporzysko village in “Folwark” resort. It is also the Tourist Household. In winter the attraction of this resort are sleigh rides organized by the owner, which itineraries lead along beautiful forest’s paths.

In summer the attractions are horse ridings along appointed horse trails. In summer and also in winter it is possible to get around our commune by bikes along bicycle trials /see trails and bicycle trails/ and also on those trails by ski. For more advanced in skiing we recommend a 10 km away ski lift in Spytkowice village. There is also a swimming pool, restaurant and professional fitness club.