Gmina Jordanów
Gmina Jordanów

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The Jordanów Commune welcomes

Gmina Jordanów

We have got a great pleasure to invite you to the Jordanow Commune, to present its virtues and its inhabitants.


The Jordanów Commune is located in a province in southern Poland (Malopolska), which capital is Cracow, in its south-western part, halfway between Cracow and Zakopane. You may approach here in two roads, going from Cracow to Zakopane by main road E7, and going from Silesia (Slask) towards Nowy Sacz by main road no. 98. We have got also a train connection between Cracow and Zakopane.


Siedziba Urzędu Gminy Jordanów znajduje się w mieście JordanówThe Commune includes 5 minor territorial units (villages), and the oldest of them – Letownia is descended from XIV century, however remaining units Naprawa, Osielec, Toporzysko and Wysoka are dated on XVI century. The population, on ground occupies at present by commune, had busied themselves with trading and fine commerce. The reason of this was not very fertile ground, because the terrain, on which they were forced to live, is numbered among mountain ground. It does not mean, that the farmers do not cultivate the ground. The farmers from most of farms prefer raising milk cattle.

The recreation and refreshment

Through the commune’s terrains lead tourist trails towards Turbacz, Lubon, Koskowa Gora and also Okraglica and so towards Babia Gora, the highest top in Beskid Żywiecki. For those who want to get to know our commune by cycling, we recommend two bicycle routes. The first one - 22 km long and the second one, leading partially through neighboring commune (33 km long). It is also possible to hike or travel by car and during winter to skiing. In horse riding club (Klub Jazdy Konnej) “Bor” in Toporzysko you may borrow a horse and traverse area in saddle. The terrains, on which our commune is located, are strongly afforested, and thereby the air is clear and healthy. The forests abound in mushrooms, raspberries, bilberries and red berries. Already existed agro - touristic households willingly receive tourists, offering tasty meals and good conditions for resting.

We invite everyone, who wants to get to know this region, people from here, theirs customs and habits, and also to get some rest in silence and quiet. A good public transport allows to outing to neighboring cities and places like Cracow, Zakopane, Rabka, Kalwaria Zebrzydowska or Wadowie, which are located in 15 – 50 kilometers. Gmina JordanówThe tourist trails, which we suggest, invite everyone, who wants to commune with nature, because this meetings guarantee unforgettable impressions and fall in memory for a long time.

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