Gmina Jordanów
Gmina Jordanów

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ImageThe Naprawa is a village with virtues of holiday village, and is only 3 km away from the Jordanów and 5 km from the Rabka. The village is situated at the foot of the Lubon Maly Mountain and southern limits of the Beskid Sredni Mountains.

The first mention of that village came from year 1529. As tell the historical sources, a Spytek Jordan has sent here people from his estates, which have been peculiarly disobedient and which in local tough conditions should improve – hence the name of the village “Repair” – Naprawa. It is also a home of writer, poet and political commentator Jalu Kurka – the author of well-known novels, among other things: “Grypa szaleje w Naprawie” (“The influenza rages in Naprawa”) and “Ksiega Tatr” (“The tome of the Tatra Mountais”).

A fact that the village is situated on the intersection of roads Cracow – Zakopane, Bielsko Biała – Rabka – Nowy Sącz makes her accessible for the visitors. The School receives the holiday camps in summer and also in winter offering place to spend the night and food. The inhabitants invite for a rest, but a good rest is – an active rest. The hikes e.g. by the blue trial to the chalet on the Luboń Wielki Mountain (about 1022 m) about 3 hours’ walk from Naprawa. A route full of charm and easy to cross even for less experienced tourist.